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What to do if your car run out of petrol

My buddy’s car went out of petrol when he was driving on a small road in Upper Thomson, and he called me for help. So I drove to where he was and fetched him to the nearest petrol station.

Before he jumped into my car, he switched on his hazard light and opened the bonnet. I was curious, and he explained to me that it is an offence to run out of petrol as he has a distant relative who got a summon for running out of petrol at ECP.

We reached the petrol station and wanted to buy 1 or 2 litres of petrol. However, the station staff recorded down his NRIC (for security reasons), and he had to purchase a special can as it is prohibited to transport fuel by non-approved means.

So we quickly drove back to his car, and we realised we had another problem. We do not have a funnel! I was half cursing while my friend sudden thought of an idea – he took out a mineral bottle from his car boot, emptied the water and cut the bottle diagonally. WALA, we had a funnel. I quickly took out a tissue to dry the improvised funnel and fill up the car.

It was a super drama experience filling up petrol under the hot sun, and I hope it will never happen to you. However, if you or your friends ever encounter this problem, I hope this article will serve you well.

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