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Pros and Cons of NTUC Car Insurance Drivo Plan

NTUC car insurance (Drivo) is a motor insurance offered by NTUC. It provides coverage for loss or damage to insured’s vehicle and its accessories caused by:

  1. accidental collision or overturning;
  2. fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, housebreaking, theft or being hit by a falling object;
  3. a malicious act;
  4. strike, riot or civil commotion; or
  5. flood, typhoon, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other natural disaster.

There are 4 options of this plan. They are Drivo Premium, Drivo Classic, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only. For Drivo Premium, all accidental repairs can be done at insured’s preferred workshop. For Drivo Classic, all accidental repairs are to be done at NTUC’s authorised workshop.

NTUC car insurance Drivo

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 Pros of NTUC car insurance (Drivo)

  1. It is very cost friendly to drivers with accidental claims. Most insurers in Singapore will take into consideration of the accidental claim(s) for the last 3 years when computing the insurance premium. As a result, the premium is usually more expensive. For NTUC car insurance, it only takes into premium consideration of the accidental claim for the last 1 year. Hence, the premium is very competitive for drivers who had an accident claims 2 to 3 years ago. Nevertheless, do note that NTUC underwriters will still require the car owner to declare the accident claim amount for the last 3 years
  2. The Orange Force is NTUC car insurance’s 24/7 accident response team. It helps policyholders who are often in a state of stress and anxiety after an accident by arriving at accident scenes to render help. The Orange Force accident hotline is 67895000

Cons of NTUC car insurance (Drivo)

  1.  It may not be the most price competitive for some car models.
If you like to have a quotation for NTUC car insurance (Drivo) and other car insurance quotations, please fill up the form below (Note: All fields are required), and an acknowledgement email will be sent to you after you have submitted the details. If you do not receive our confirmation email, please check the junk mail folder.
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We will get back to you within the next two working days for most cases. The turnaround time may be longer for high-performance vehicle or cars with high claims history.

Contact here to find out more on NTUC car insurance (Drivo).

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