5 Essential things to do if your car run out of petrol

My buddy’s car went out of petrol when he was driving on a small road in Upper Thomson, and he called me for help. So I drove to where he was and fetched him to the nearest petrol station. Before he jumped into my car, he switched on his hazard light and opened the bonnet. […]

Motor Claims Framework (MCF)

With the effect of on 1 June 2008, Motor Claims Framework is an industry-wide initiative aimed at enhancing the level of service to all motor policyholders. The General Insurance Association of Singapore announced the Motor Claims Framework in March 2008. Under this framework, insurance companies or through their authorised representative or approved workshops will provide a […]

12 Essential factors affecting car insurance premium simplified

Have you ever wonder why your friend’s car insurance premium is cheaper than yours? Many a time when a new client was first referred to us,  they would like to know whey their car insurance renewal is more expensive than their friend even when they drive the same model! We thought this would be a […]

2 Essential things many forget upon an accident with Malaysia vehicle

We were fortunate to speak with a motor insurance claims officer, and he shared with us that there is one crucial thing to do in the event of an accident with Malaysia vehicle.  Many of us know to do the following in the event of an accident with Malaysia vehicle. Keep clam Take a picture […]