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Accident with Malaysia vehicle in and outside Singapore

I was fortunate to speak with a motor insurance claims officer, and he shared with me that there is one crucial thing to do in the event of an accident with Malaysia vehicle. Many of us already know that we have to do the following in the event of accident

  1. Take a picture of the damage
  2. Take down particulars of the other party (car plate, name, NRIC and contact number of the other party)
  3. Make police report if accident in Malaysia or when personal injury is involved in Singapore
  4. Make an accident report at the insurance authorised reporting centre within the next working day (even if the accident is in Singapore as the insurance company reserved the right not to pay claims for late reporting. I have seen insurer not paying claim because of this)

However, there is one very important item that many car owners don’t know (including myself) that he/she has to do.

It is to take down the picture of the road tax disc of the Malaysia vehicle.

This is because the Malaysia insurers will always ask for the above when the claim is filed against the Malaysia vehicle. Even if a police report is submitted, the insurer will still ask for the picture to prove accident with the related party.

An image sample of Malaysia road disc is shown below:

Malaysia - Rd Disc


I hope you will never get involved in an accident with a Malaysia vehicle. In fact, I wish that you will never get into a motor accident. However, in the unfortunate event that you know someone has an accident with a Malaysian vehicle, I hope this article will serve you well.

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